LATEST CORRUPTION NEWS 2019: THE GOVERNMENT WASN’T SERIOUS ABOUT FIGHTING CORRUPTION By: Nurul Qisthy C., SH – The revision on Law Number 30, 2002 concerning the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) was suddenly approved in a discussion at the plenary meeting on Thursday (9/5/2019). Political Corruption Division Coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Donal Fariz said, “The revision of the KPK Law which was quietly discussed, was a systematic effort to weaken the KPK, starting with the selection process of the KPK leadership. Several parties even took action as demands regarding the selection process for the KPK leadership candidates and the revision of the KPK Law.”

KPK Shut Down‘ banner at the KPK Building Grounds

Until the ‘KPK Shut Down’ banner decorates at the KPK Building Grounds (9/13/2019). In the existing draft, the investigation functions become infertile because they must get permission from the Court and the Police. Plus, some other articles that indicated the KPK cannot take action even ‘catching hand operation’ (OTT).

Moreover, the House of Representatives Commission III has chosen the new Chairperson of the Corruption Eradication Commission namely General Inspector Firli Bahuri, who has served as the Chief of South Sumatera Police. ICW criticized the idea of including members of the police in the KPK because it potentially made the conflict of interest. For worse, the election of Firli as chairman was rejected by 500 internal KPK employees themselves. He was told to have violated the KPK’s code of ethics and was even rejected because he was once suspected of corruption. But now, he is officially leading the KPK.

Corruption indeed had been established as an extraordinary case (extraordinary crime) in Indonesia. Based on the study from ICW released on Sunday (4/28/2019), states losses due to corruption in 2018 reached 9.92 trillion rupiah. Corruptors were evenly distributed in all side officials. From members of the House of Representatives (DPR) and Regional House of Representatives (DPRD), ministry officials, BUMN officials, governors, regents to senior political parties. This dishonest practice is caused by two things, because of high-cost politics and because of weak law enforcement. As Surya Paloh has told, Indonesia is currently a liberal capitalist country. This concept of a capitalist state creates a costly political system. Thus encouraging the perpetrators to get money quickly from anywhere. Including from corruption. This condition is worsened by the weak law enforcement, so corruption can be free and many are lightly punished. This condition shows that the government and DPR are nor serious in combating corruption.

From now on, if the KPK become weak, who will eradicate the corruption?

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